Go Enjoy Yourself!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Super Bowl Sunday! We sure did!!


Denver Fans 🙂

Parties and get togethers can seem a bit intimidating when you are trying to change your diet. All the delicious and often not so healthy options and all those people around enjoying them… It can be tough!


But here are a couple ideas to keep you social and on track:


1. Ask the host what they are planning on serving and what are others bringing. Are they doing the main dish and asking for sides? Has some one offered to bring the veggie tray? Develed Eggs? Fill in the blanks with Keto Friendly foods


2. Don’t show up starving! Snack a bit before leaving. It’s better to go to a party with a little something in your tummy. It’s easier to make good choices when you are not diving for the first plate.

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3. Consider soda water. Soda water can really fill the void of not drinking (if that’s what you are going for) or can help slow you down if you are drinking. Fizzy drinks can fill you up, give that sensation of an adult beverage, as well as keep the attention off of your lack of imbibing.

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4. For those who do choose to drink. Diet Tonic and Soda water are not always found at everyone’s bar or party. Bring your own and enough to share. Oh and don’t forget the Uber! Here is a link if you haven’t tried it!

5. Try to avoid hanging out right next to the food table. After you have eaten STEP AWAY from the table. I know I used to hang out right next to the food. It was so easy to grab another bite or see when the deserts were set out. Just try to make over doing it a little harder or at least out of arm’s reach.


6. Use a plate. Seriously. This will make it more obvious (to yourself) how much you have eaten. If you are grazing without a plate you will have no idea how many jalapeño poppers you have downed. (Yes! Those are usually keto friendly-but share! :))


The keto life style and definitely cutting sugar is creeping it’s way to be more mainstream-think how long gluten free has been a thing and now it’s almost everywhere. It’s really becoming common to see many people pass on cake, so likely most, if any, will not even notice unless you bring attention to what you are (or aren’t) eating.


Truthfully speaking though, if you are great or even really good most of the time, lets say 90%, then having little treat that you can’t find at home may be worth it. But it all come back to you and your lifestyle choices. If you can have a small brownie or a bite of standard desert and not finish the whole plate (I’m impressed) then have that little taste.



Also don’t forget, enjoy the party and the people around. Events are even more fun when you are thinking about more than what is on your plate.

Thanks again Bronco’s! We have been waiting for a little while.

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