On the go

While eating at home is definitely the best way to control what enters your body there are times (11 hour road trips) when its just not really an option.


While not the “perfect meal” this is definitely something that works when you are in a pinch.



Above is the “Unwich” from Jimmy Johns. At this particular chain you can have any of their sandwiches made with lettuce wraps instead of the bread.


More and more places are offering better low carb options, if nothing is on the menu don’t be afraid to ask! Plus, the more people ask, more businesses will learn how many of us really want these items. Think of all those “Gluten Free” items popping up all over the place.*


I compared the nutritional information located on the Jimmy Johns website the to review the JJ BLT. The standard French Bread had a Total Carbohydrate count of 55g with 4 of which being dietary fiber. The 7-Grain Wheat a whopping 65g only 5 of which being dietary fiber.


The “unwhich” JJ BLT had a Total Carbohydrate count of 2 and dietary fiber 0.




*Gluten Free rarely equals low carb! Additionally, the gluten typically has been replaced with other fillers such as refined starches and sugar to recreate that wheat-like texture and improve taste. Tapioca flour/starch, potato starch, corn starch, and additional added sugar are the most common items used to create those coveted gluten free foods.  Read those labels!



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